Sheina Crystal

Director of Communications and Campaigns, Re:wild Your Campus

    Sheina Crystal is the Director of Communications and Campaigns at Re:wild Your Campus. While a student at UC Santa Barbara, she founded a chapter of Re:wild Your Campus and worked with groundskeepers and restoration management as she advocated for the reduction of herbicide use on campus. As one of the main UC-wide organizers, she helped achieve a glyphosate ban at all 10 University of California schools. In addition to directing communications at RYC, she helped spearhead the Green Grounds Certification, a groundbreaking ecological landscaping certification by RYC to certify school campuses. Crystal's work has appeared in The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, Axios, Mother Jones, and more. Sheina works directly with students across the country, giving them resources and coaching as they advocate to make their campuses safer and healthier spaces for all living beings.